I am a native northern Californian.  After a stint in Boston I am now living in Colorado and have fallen in love with this state.  I love being creative – whether it’s with crafts or food.  I pulled off a really amazing wedding (at least it met all of my expectations!) in August 2011 in the Rocky Mountains.   This blog started off with my DIY journey, and now that my wedding planning is over it’s a blog that focuses on food!  If you love to eat this blog is for you!

I have always loved to try new recipes, and made bread & various desserts starting when I was around 13 – our neighbor was a professionally trained chef and I would take my creations to him for critiquing.  At that point in my life I really wanted to be a chef, specifically a pastry chef.  As I got older I stopped baking, and then when I started college I ate the pretty typical college diet – most everything was prepackaged and “going out” was grabbing a hot dog or pizza slice at Costco.   My roommate and I once ate taco salads for like a month straight, every.single. dinner!  After I graduated from college I didn’t cook really at all because I lived by myself.  The first meal that I made for my boyfriend (now husband) was a total flop and he said/thought that I couldn’t cook ! And, I agree it was a gross meal, just didn’t turn out.  I thought I would prove him wrong.  But….I still didn’t cook much.  When we moved to Boston I cooked more before I found a job.  Then, it was back to eating out and processed food.

When I moved to Colorado that’s when I started cooking a lot more – my husband was in grad school & we weren’t making much money.  People at work always commented on how amazing my lunches looked, and that pushed me to bring great food every day!  Sometimes people even thought I bought the food at a restaurant 😉

The first pictures of my food are horrible, I’ll admit it.  A lot of the times I just snapped a picture with my phone and called it good.  I cringe at my older pictures! After a little bit I noticed how horrible my pictures looked compared to other food blogs, and decided that I needed to step up my game.  I still had a point and shoot camera, but at least I was playing around with angles, lighting and backgrounds / props.  My husband surprised me with an awesome Nikon for my birthday, and that’s when I really got serious with my pictures.  At this point, since my blog was devoted to food, I decided to change the name for a 3rd time.





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