Stained Concrete Floors

We are nearly done with our basement remodel.  We have learned quite a bit along the way, and we are super happy with how things have turned out.  Our basement went from boring beige carpet, poorly painted beige walls, and outdated ceilings / ceiling recessed lighting.  It wasn’t our choice to remodel the basement at this exact moment, but hey – it looks fabulous!

We really do not like carpet for many, many reasons and after looking at several options decided to stain the existing concrete.  The carpet had to be pulled up since the pad and carpet were soaked and smelly from the flood water.  Water logged carpet is heavy let me tell you!   At first we were going to stain the concrete ourselves – it seemed like a great idea because it would save money and several blogs showed great results.  After tearing down wet drywall, pulling out wet carpet, putting up new drywall, painting (well, we hadn’t even gotten that far), etc. we decided we would rather save the money and our limit our stress level.  Our lives turned into working a full day, eating some kind of crappy pre-made or restaurant dinner, changing into our grungy clothes and working on the basement for several hours before heading to bed and then starting all over again.  Our dogs were getting the short end of the stick and were not getting much dog park time – Violet and Leroy Brown are super patient and amazing dogs!!  Staining concrete requires diamond grinding to open up the concrete pores, adding the color, and then sealing the color and concrete.  Since we didn’t know what we were doing we could mess it up big time.  After calling nearly 15 companies in the area and getting horrible, if no response, about 3-weeks after beginning my search for a company I found Mile High Coatings out of Fort Collins.

We are really happy with the results!  I really love how the cracks and nail dings turned out.  If you are thinking of staining your concrete I would highly recommend it!  Since we have only had the floors for a month I can’t speak to wear and tear / durability of the sealant and color but I will update in about a year.  Check out the pictures, we chose caramel as a base with mahogany highlights.

DSC_0158 DSC_0160 DSC_0161 DSC_0164

DSC_0168 DSC_0171 DSC_0173


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    awesome!!!! Great idea!!

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