Whipped Feta & Veggie Crostinis

whipped feta bites (1) WM

Whipped feta is pretty much amazing.  It is just feta cheese and cream cheese.  After you whip it you add it to bread (or toast) and add any veggies (or fruit) that you want.  It’s that simple.


10 oz. feta cheese (plain, not flavored)

8 oz. cream cheese (soft, not the log kind)


1. Dump the feta cheese and cream cheese into a food processor and blend until creamy.  This will take, I don’t know maybe close to 10 minutes – you’ll want all of the lumps to be gone and the whipped feta to be absolutely creamy.

It’s up to you what to do with the whipped feta.  I sliced some whole wheat bread, spread the whipped feta on top, placed some sliced tomatoes & bell peppers on top, put a fresh basil leaf on top and ground some fresh black pepper over the veggies.  You could add some honey while blending the feta and cream cheese and use fruit instead of veggies – the options are endless!


  1. Hey, we made the ham and cheese puff pastry last night, and had this for this AM breakfast. I got it ready last night, popped in the in the oven, this AM, and it was loved by all!! Yum, yum 🙂
    Also, I made the feta and goat cheese, arugula, french bread salad last night. It was a hit! Easy, too!! Thanks 🙂

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